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a day in my life?
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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
12:10 pm
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween everyone!
I went to a small small halloween party on friday night, with my friends I"ve had since high school. it was fun, I didn't drink to much to fast this time, no hangover in the morning:) I shared a blanket with this guy kennie, who was passed out...it was pretty entertaining watching kennie stumble around his house, bumping, falling all over...passed out like three times, then he'd regain conctunious, and still be totally fucked up.
Tongight I hope I have tricker treaters!! I wrote "happy halloween" and squeezed in a jack-o-latern on the front window... we have tons of candy, they will come;)
this halloween was relaxed, but it was still fun... have a safe one tongight!

Current Mood: hyper
12:08 pm
ha funny... not me...

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Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, October 10th, 2004
10:40 pm
it's funny

it's funny, I have had no thoughts of dylan no feelings towards him since I moved from arcata.  yet today he sends me a e-song, out of the blue. I got excited, then nervous. so I sent him one back, and wrote him a note all with it and sent it off. then for some wierd reason, I remembered his cell and gave him a call "to talk about my broken computer" I mean it was his to begin with, he'd know what to do right?. SO I call him and he's with his mom and their at the cassino, trying to get some extra money, it was short, he said he'd call back later. he did, checked my voice mail, and he left me what felt like he was checking in, like he used to..we were playing the good ole phone game of tag your it. Get him at home and try to explain my problem, and it's like nothing has ever changed...he cuts me off, with out me explaining, his little whiney voice makes me cringe, and I have a very hard time not wanting to make cruel remarks to the man I onced loved and would have died for-god I was niave`- we're able to keep a nice conversation going...then he tells me he should come up to washington to visit. ya right I think, but say ya that would be nice, but I dont' know if I really would want to see him... he hurt me so badly... then used me to get to my roommate...and pple wonder why I don't trust men...ha


Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, September 19th, 2004
2:30 pm

I just turned 25 last wednesday! *happy bday to me* CRAZY I never knew I would get this old;) when I was a kid, I thought I'd be married and popping out kids, not still living with my parents. At least I don't live in Sequim any more, what a horribale place- but all small towns are that way, always into your business, not wanting to know who you were unless you had money...blah...   I'm hung over today:/... hung out with my sis and her bfriend, we went to her old roommates new home.  Up in the mountains, surrounded by green trees, grass, couldn't hear any road noise, standing around a bon fire drinking beer, was fun....then we headed to jeffs aunties house, they were also having a party... stayed there for a while, I must have had 6 sips/shots of cobo wabo tequilla....whoo... let me tell you I slept well last night, now this morning was another story. oh well that's one of the downsides of having a few to many drinks.    let's see... I have to do some laundry...so I'll talk at you later peace

Sunday, September 5th, 2004
11:30 am
Trading Spaces-TLC
it's on all day:) woohoo:)! that's like one of my all time favorite tv shows.... hehe as you can tell no big plans today, just the lay around the house, eat, drink coffee and water, watch trading spaces, ,-and I even have a tv, in my room, that will get to the channel it's on:) I can watch it in there and maybe clean, and of course smoke the good all green stuff:) that's how I like to spend my Sunday afternoons:) 

Current Mood: high
Saturday, September 4th, 2004
1:43 pm

well I got most of my "stuff to do" done:) gathered up all my film I've collected...had about 11 in all... three were from arcata, my advantix camera with the zoom in zoom out lens, that manny took with him from the farm...grrr...I can't wait to see him... n.e. ways;)got those developt in the one hour photo department, but this being a small town that it is, it wasn't an hour wait, more like "they'll be done later in the day (it was 11:30am), there are others ahead of you". can't wait to see what's on them.. I also found one regular film, that came from arcata, I wonder if it could be the infamous halloween film, from the "felony"... my friends, luckyvirgo23 ,was a blue hore,  francine was a gothic hore, I was a scotish hore, and our friend cassi was our pimp!  it was great, we had all the drinks ready. we even decorated the kitchen! pple started to show up adn then my asshole landlord george started banging on my door with his flashlight, saying he was going to call the cops if this party continued!! and it was only 9pm!!!!!!   Funny, most of the partys back at the "felony" ended like that...;) ahh those were the days.   ...........I was a good girl and went to gottschaulks, I was going to make a payment on my outstanding credit card account, the guy called headquarters and they said my account was closed over a year and half, and that I didn't have to pay...that's wierd I think...Shouldn't I have to pay what I owed, to get that of my credit report?  I don't know who to ask...that's really cool if I don't have to pay then that means I only have US Bank to pay off now:) woo hoo ONE more BIG bill to pay off... not at all sure how much I owe them.  when I got evicted and be came "houseless" I stopped doing my bills...kinda lost it-finacely- and kept going negative...it's been closed for a while, so it's not still collecting intrest...so that's good.  I'll be so much stress free when all my bills are paid, then I'll have a little tiny bit more money to save/or play with.   .........  things are looking up... :) yeah...who knows, maybe my 25th year will be a nice one:) 24 was CRAZY....


Friday, September 3rd, 2004
7:31 pm

OH!  my friend katie, from arcata, we go way back, we used to be bathroommates at the "felony" inn, chain smoked and did lots of drinking, she now has a LJ! her user name is luckyvirgo23 .  you should check her out, she's a sweet heart!

Current Mood: bouncy
6:54 pm
end of the summer is a beautiful day
At work, I held an "end of the summer Party" for the school aged kids:) even the soon to be Kindergardeners got to participate:) in the morning, we went out side and drew bulls eyes for our waterballoon throwing contest. They sure did have fun drawing, and they drew bulls eyes all over the parking lot, must have been 20-30 of them; some big, some really small, " This ones worth 1000 points, cause it's so hard to hit" said a 'going to be' 2nd grade boy.
then we filled the waterballoons. One Faucet, me, six - ten balloons, and 15 kids. only four balloons survived.
After my lunch break Sam and I took the 21-25 school aged kids and started the "party" we did the bulleyes, it was fun, kids got soaked, then we played the balloon toss. they liked that a little better, more getting soaked was involved. then we had the watermellon race. one side (the boys) was seeing who would spit the seed the farthest. and the girls had partners. One would hold the bucket while the others spit into it, and which ever team filled the bucket with the most seeds won. Next was their snack time, so they all went and ate, while I ran to Chevron down the road, and bought 5 cans of whipped cream. got back and the kids played for a little bit, to let the wattermellon, and snack digest before we played the last game , the grand fanallie. I also had to prepare, because not only were the school agers participating, but so were the preschoolers (the 3-5 year olds) Soon it was time and I got the kids together, I gave them a pie dish with a plastic fish in it. Put a garbage bag with one hole at the top and put it on them. Ann, my boss, and I went around and filled each pie dish and said go. it was the funniest thing, when they had found the plastic fish and came up with it in their mouth, their faces were coverd in whipped cream!... Then every one got a turn in the prize box, even those kids that didn't participate:)

Beautiful weather couldn't have been nicer. I was worried that it would rain, it has all week, but today was beautiful.:) ahh I love three day weekends:) I was going to go see my friend katie and francine in arcata, ca. this weekend, but I'm still recruperating from my last car trip to sac. I want to have a new car before I go again-wich will be soon, maybe in the next couple of months...maybe a christmas present for myself;) My sis's bfriend might be having a poker night tonight... could be fun...tomorrow on my list of things to do: a)get a oil change, and a car wash. b) go shopping for a new thicker glass piece. and c) pay some bills. I wonder if you can make payments to Gottchalks on saturdays?
okay I shall go now... have a good labor day!

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
1:30 pm
first real weekend in so long:)
hola, srry I haven't written in over a month... every weekend I was going somewhere, and my week nights were crazy... I usaully didn't get home from work till 10 or 11 pm every night. (stopping at my sis' house to have that after work bowl;) ) My mom BROKE my glass peice camping at wiskey creek last weekend! I couldn't believe it. two pieces broken since I've been back... My next choice is a much thicker glass, or the alternative get a metal piece... I've been noticing guys checking me out lately...or is it that they always were, and I didn't see it?...but it makes me feel good, like there is hope for me out there, and that I wont be an old hag-that's never been married- when I'm much older...hehe... This weekend was the clallam county fair, " Veggies $ Tales" it was okay...didn't go on any rides, but walked through the exibits. My Work, Bibity Bobity "A childs Place" day care/the school age group had a few crafts on display, a huge ferris wheel made from callapse (?), an electroneville (took apart the guts to computers, toasters, and made it into a city, with miniture cars and everything), and a robot made of boxes...that stands about 7'5" !!! and they all got blue ribbons :) YEAH next weekend I'm on my way to Sacremto and to the Full CIrle Farm, to get my stuff, from the bus... I'm not really looking foward to it, wish I had some one to help me move it all, but I'm getting used to doing things on my own;) but it'll be soo nice to have all my stuff again... I just hope that the mice haven't eaten everything yet, or the big yuckie spidars -black widows, brown lacrusies (sp?), the poisenous ones- haven't made home to my computer, or my clothes. I'm thinking about taking the wood stove that martin made manny and I for the bus. manny's an ass, and no one on the farm likes him, so maybe they'd take a trade or something... the fucker still has not called me back... why give my friend his number, tell her to give it to me, then never pick up the phone when I call, or call me back... it makes me not like him even more...grrr well I shall go... beautiful weather today, sunny, with a warm breeze and some clouds in the sky so much better than yesterday, it poored and poored:) *lots of peace and love is what the world needs right now* angiela

Current Mood: energetic
Saturday, July 31st, 2004
2:51 pm
Vacation almost over-6 hours to go:(
my stay here has been so much fun. I don't want to go back to the peninsula of washington. Here in California, guys actually looked at me. there (WA.), they don't know I exist. I'm going to miss my friend `rene' so much... it's been over 2 years since I saw her. My time with her hasn't been long enough. NOt to mention the kids. her oldest son toby lives in the same town as I do, with his grandparents and sometimes his dad... I hardley get to see him:( I've known him since he was 6 months old. and I probably wont see him when I get back, because his living situation is all messed up. Gauky, the second, I"ve known since the day he was born, lives with mama T`, across the water(marysville area)...and how often do I make that trip?... Jordy, rene's step child will be living here from now on, so I wont see him, till I come up again..and then the babies, baby J, who's not a baby any more, but a big 2 1/2 year old,who just now in the past two days has learned to say my name, and hug me. and the new baby quinton, so cute and cuddley. What can I say I'm Auntie Angie, and I'll miss them. It's been fun having the house full, reminds me of back in the day livig at the hagan household, where there were kids, and I felt (and still do) like part of the family. rene and I are making plans for september, I come down for the weekend and we can celebrate our 25th bday together (she's three days older than I) so I look foward to that.
this week that I've been here has been fun. I learned that the man I loved was gone...I met a guy, a marine guy...a very sweet man. stayed the night at the barrecks!!!:) (got some:D...last time was the end of Jan.)Ended my shaving strike!!, went to the beach, had a 3 part bday party at chucky cheeses, a baby shower, living on a marine base and seeing lots of men in uniform, and in camo... and lots of laughs. it's been fun...wish I could stay longer, but then I wouldn't have a job;)
well ryan, rene's husband just got back from dropping Mamma T and gauky off at the air port, and now we need to clean...
talk to you later, when I'm back in boring old washington, not sequim though:) cause we, mom, dad, and I moved to Port Angeles, so till then

lots of peace love and happiness

Current Mood: drunk
2:49 pm
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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
4:37 pm
summer days/single once again
I talked to the wife of the man that owns the Full Circle farm yesterday... Manny(my "bfriend") is off the mountain...not on the farm, like planned, but back in arcata living with his ex girlfriend, and THEIR baby!!! he wasn't even going to tell me...I"m such a fool for believing that he would "one day he'd come back"... I'm glad I found out, but what an asshole he is. so in the next few weeks, maybe on the weekend my dad is off, we will go to sac and pick up all of my stuff. I have so much there on the bus. My tv, my computer, the rest of my clothes, photo albums from way back when I was a wee little one...a coffee table, my h.s. diploma...loads of shit..but besides that My vacation is going great. Weather is beautiful, today I'm sporting my two peice bathing suit!!( I haven't had one since I started growing boobs;) ) it's really cute, it's bright yellow, bright orange, red, black and blue and they are horizontal...I look all right... I need to work on my body, but I still look good;) I was thinking about getting my belly button peirced while I'm here, but I found this really cute keychain of this virgo girl sitting on a cresent moon, so rene and I might get matching tattoos...it's been so long since my last one.
let's see...baby is doing well...all the boys are crazy, and pushing buttons of the adults because that's what kids do best...us adults are trying not to beat them.. good times from all parties

later tater
Monday, July 26th, 2004
8:21 am
vacationing ;)
ahh I awoke this morning with kids screaming "I LOVE YOU AUNT JANE" there was one cup of coffie left in the pot, and every one is outside smoking... today is over cast and might rain...not holding my breath though... I got here Friday night and I leave next Saturday. San Diego is soo nice, what I"ve seen. I'm visiting my best best best best friend of my whole life, we go way back to freshman year in h.s. The main reason why I was coming down was because `Rene was going to have here fourth boy today....MOnday...but the little darling was born last Wednesday:) so I've been holding a very new new born:) boy, my maternal instincts are going crazy. I"ve decided that in the next two-five years I"m going to have a baby... whether I have a boyfreind, husband or not... I mean I'm going to be 25 in september...I do not want to have kids when I"m 30 or older...so I have five years... if all else fails I'll find some male speciman, have a one night stand, and use him for his sperm...muhahaha.... but I am having a blast hanging out with my nephews, Toby who's 7, Jordan who's 7, Zacc-6, Jacob-2 1/2, and the baby, Quinton Angellous Hescock, who is 5 days old:)
well breakfest is almost ready, I stink and need a shower, I'll be back later to update you on all my adventures

peace out
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
11:21 pm
almost friday:D
hey! look I have a pic now:D it was taken a couple of christmas' ago... thanks to my dear friend mary:) went over to her parents house, and picked her up, we went and saw harry potter. we both had seen it before, but it was still alright, now I have to read her story she's been writing... I"m intrigued...
Tomorrow I was going to call in sick -I"m not sick- and drive to arcata...instead of tomorrow night... well now I'm not sure... I would like to go there when I have a three day weekend off, eithor a friday, or a monday. I think it would be very useless to drive there friday night, get there early early saturday, then wake up hung over at an unsightly hour Sunday and drive back. I would like to have a couple of days to just do what ever I want. I guess it's going to have to wait...poo... I guess I'll save money also this weekend, since I wont be doing any ting...
well.. I shall be going... I have to work tomorrow *hangs head in disappointment*
Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
10:49 pm
last year on the fourth, I was living in arcata, couch surfing at katies. That day we, my fellow "fellonies" had a bbq. I dropped an unopened bottle of Sour Apple Vodka down the steps...I was reminded of that today, I love it when I"m reminded of my sillieness' of my life. Trust me there's a lot.
ahhh...I hear the fireworks going off all ready. I wish I had money to buy some fireworks...or a drink at a bar...wait...I wish I had single friends that would go to the bar with me... I'm not that brave to go alone. and I'm always complaining about being single...srry you have to hear me whine. but damnit I'm titled to do it once in a while, I cant' always be happy...I wonder how manny is...but then I don't...I dont' want to care any more. not to him, not to any one. fuck life...fuck men... fuck everything.
dont' know I guess I'm pmsing...

later tater

Current Mood: bitchy
4:14 pm
moving saturday
hello all
the computer desk is gone, moved it out to the garage and the computer now sits on our unused dining room table. moving is always so fun...*ugg* I feel strong. I helped dad move the computer desk, the tredmill, the entertainment center, and one of the couches. dad kept calling me angelerella...haha... almost cleaned out the guest bedroom-mostly little stuff that was left over when my sister and I moved out...will take not even 5 minutes to finish:) I found my boxes of books I read when I was little...kids books- "Jim Henson and Fragil Rock", Dr. Suess books...then when I got older I saved All the Baby Sitters Club books...gosh she must have written about 52 books or something..good old days.
Mom downloaded Yahoo Messanger:D so if you have me...give me a IM it's missredheadgirl
I'm going to my friends-nubak- grandparents house for the fourth. Should be fun...haven't seen him since a couple of christmas' ago... they spent a lot of money on fireworks...the loud ones...I think...
no plans for tonight. maybe go over to Jenns
I might have a job every other week, babysitting from 10pm-7am, the mom has to work grave yard. I'm meating her and her kids tomorrow ...
but mom's giving me the evil eye, she wants to use the computer, so talk to ya later

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
9:25 am
Things to do
I was thinking... summer is almost over;( I'd better start doing fun things on my weekends... some interests in mind a) going to houmbolt county for a weekend, go to the bars, walk in the redwood forest...b) go across the water again...see some peeps...maybe go camping over there...I've never camped on that side before...are there even campsites there?
This weekend is the forth of July.... friday I'm babysitting over night for this 6 year old boy... wich I haven't seen since he was 3-4 years of age. it should be fun, we're going to rent "finding Nemo"...my mother and I still have not seen it! I guess Zacc went and saw it in the theater..eat lots of popcorn..and maybe he'll be asleep by 9:30 (?) Monday work is closed:D (3 day weekend:) ) I have to talk to my sis, and see if her and her bfriend are doing any thing..all my other friends are doing something with the family.. dad has to work that night...so I might just go to northern cali... it all depends on if I have enough cash... if not I'll be going next weekend... c) I also want to shroom this summer, but I have no one here on the peninsula that will with me...I dont' want to do it alone...maybe that's one thing I'll do in Houmboldt.
n.e. ways, I have an hour before I have to be at work... so I need to get dressed and wake up...hope you all out there have a wonderful Tuesday...hope it's beautiful( right now there's not a cloud in the sky) as it is here, and remember to wear your sunscreen!
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
11:05 pm
city life
A fast pace life. the city roads are actually 40mph, no longer 25-30mph. everyone is young, not so many are old and wandering around lost. I even saw some dreadie sistas and brothas. Cuvington(?) / Kent was beautiful. It made me think of California life...only things really different were a) there was a starbucks on every corner*points finger at starbucks 'Shame on you'*. b) there was not as many hippies as in arcata. but it was good to get out of the peninsula for a day. us girls went to luch at Red Robin. I had a very delious bacon ch burger and fries. To drink, two glasses of Bloody Mary...YUMMIE:).... after lunch we went to davids bridal store. Kyna and I tried on brides maids dresses...found a few we liked. I wish they made trying on clothes fun like,... you win a prize if you can't get your dress zipped up all the way...I don't know it was fun..as fun as it can get....any ways... then at 2pm, it was nikki's turn to try on brides dresses. she looked lovely in all the dresses she tried on. the last dress she tried on she fell in love with. she knows what to get. it had a little bit of bead work on the chest, light and flowy...not to long,so when she's dancing at her reception she wont step on it, and the train wont have to be pinned up... After davids we went to south center mall... went to hot topics - I love that store:) - I bought two tee's, a bob marley t, and a pound puppies t...remember pound puppies?! I still have mine from when I was a kid!
then we went to the music store, and I bought "LEGEND" the best of Bob Marley and the Wailers *Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful music* and The String Cheese Incident - "Untying the Not"
Now, I'm glad I bought the string cheese, I've heard so much good words of them. I almost saw them in concert several times in arcata..something always came up, probably no money... but this cd is really good. the lyrics are beautiful and the music is played really well. gets into my bones and makes me wanna move to the music;)
by 5pm Nikki and I were on our way back to the peninsula and back to boring old sequim. as we got off I5 relaxation over came, no more fast pace life, but also a little home sick for the city life. always having something to do... every thing is still open after 10pm.... I look foward to going across again soon.
good night

Current Mood: nostalgic
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
7:29 pm
another chapter of my boring life
haven't been on in a while, the computer crashed for a couple of days, the washington heat was too much for it's wee little brain... and my dad also upgraded to windows XP. Wich is very nice since I have my spider solitare and pinball games again:) - it was windows 98`... so all is good. I'm also getting my california tan back- although my friend from cali said that I had a nice "red glow" last summer. The weather has been lovely, but this week it's been kinda blah... at work the kids haven't played in the water this week. been too cold and windy...although the weather man did say it was soposed to get up to 75 today...maybe in seattle, but not here in sequim.. I'm working on getting a pic up so you all know what I look like -with my pretty tan;) not much going on in my life besides working 10-6:30 M-F... I come home....try to get my friend nikki and her fiance Joe to come over and try my new bong I got last Saterday...to no luck... just been hanging out with my parents. watched a cool flick last night, "Secret Window" with Johnny Depp- loved it! the ending totally surprised me! I had no idea it would end like that, I"m not saying another word for those of you who have not seen it yet, but I would deffently buy it... not only was it great, but I love jonny depp...he's sooo hot:) long time crush on him...;p
the weekend is apon me..only two days away... Saturday I"m headed across the water to kent/auborn area (?) with nikki to go wedding dress shopping. KYna, nikki's maid of honor and I are finding our dresses...should be fun... but not so fun, because their not single any more so they wont be looking or hitting on any one:( and I'm a scardy pants about hitting on guys.... I might have done it once...when I was pretty drunk...although I don't remember who started it...but it was fun... any who...talk to you later tater
peace out

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, June 11th, 2004
9:22 am
Harry Potter Movie
Hola and greetings
last night, my parents, my sis and her bfriend and myself went to the movies,and saw harry potter, the prisoner of azkaban...pretty good, although the actors have grown up quite a bit since the last movie. I hope the next movies hurry, or we'll have to get a whole new cast, cause the actors are what? 15-17 all ready? in the books, they are only 13-14?
but it was worth the unrididucalus amount of $8.00....I remember when movie tickets cost $5.50....I'm old...
well, it's getting close to the time where I need to get up and get dressed, and head of to work.
hope all have a good Friday

Current Mood: amused
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